America declared ISIS terrorist Siddharth Dhar of Indian origin as the Global Terrorist.


The US has banned Indian-American Islamic State’s Siddharth Dhar and a Belgian citizen Abdul Latif Gani, as international terrorists. According to the American Interior Ministry, Siddharth was living in Britain. He was originally Hindu but converted to Islam to become a Muslim. After becoming a Muslim, he named himself as Abu Rumaishah. In 2014, the British police freed Abu Rumaishah on bail. Since then, he was absconding and reached Syria with wife and children.

A Jewish girl who was made sex slave by ISIS, after the release of kidnappers, said that Rumaishah had kidnapped her and took her to Mosul. Abu Rumaishah took the place of Jihadi zone and became the senior commander of the terrorist organization. US State Department has banned the ISIS’s two terrorists, Siddhartha Dhar and Abdul Latif Gani, who have been declared international terrorists. After the ban, all assets of both the terrorists have been seized and any U.S. citizen can no longer be involved in any kind of transactions with these two men.


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