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AIDS infects these people much more than sex workers!

World AIDS Day is celebrated every year on December 1. AIDS Day is celebrated to create awareness amongst people. HIV AIDS spreads due to infection. According to, in 2012 survey, 2.61 percent female sex workers were infected with AIDS, while 5.01 percent of men who have sex with men were infected with AIDS, 5.91 percent of drug injectors and the highest 18.80 percent of transgenders were infected by AIDS. Thus, transgenders get infected by AIDS the most out of all the people.

People think being HIV-positive means having AIDS, but it’s not like that. Those who are HIV-positive do not necessarily have AIDS. HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) is a virus that causes AIDS. The person in which this virus is present is called HIV positive. These viruses start to weaken the body as soon as they enter and many diseases occur due to this. In 8-10 years, the symptoms of illness seem obvious. In such a case, the condition of getting AIDS arises.


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