Water shortage: Only Judicious Use Of Water Can See You Through Dry Summer


Ahmedabad will experience a major shortage of water, beginning today. With the supply of 200 MLD water from Shedhi canal stopped as it is under construction, AMC will receive 100 MLD water from the Narmada and the rest will be procured from 30 bore wells. However, the bores are yet to be constructed.

Sardarnagar, Kubernagar, Meghaninagar, Rakhial, Shahalam, Behrampura and Amraiwadi, Elevated areas in the west have already started facing water shortage. As the corporation is not releasing water in these areas at a high pressure, they do not receive much water. Residents have been crowding AMC offices on a daily basis with complaints on the water supply. In the meantime, other areas like Juhapura, Maktampura and Lambha have also been facing problems in water supply network.

According to AMC sources, “30 bores will be constructed wherever needed in West Ahmedabad. Though the work has begun it is unlikely to be completed by April-end. This means, the citizens will have to brace for what could be the worst water crisis till the bores are ready, especially now that even the groundwater tables are receding. The corporation will spend Rs 1.28 crore this year towards cables and electricity connection for water supply.”

“We have started work on building 30 bores. If the water level of Narmada decreases it will contribute to 10 to 20 percent of water shortage problems. We appeal to the public to use water judiciously. In some areas there are genuine water problems whereas in others these problems arise because people are not careful about water consumption.” said Water Committee Chairman Ramesh Desai.

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