Six Post Graduate Programme (PGP) students of Indian Institute of Management in Ahmedabad, have dumped of the placement process. Under the guidance of Centre for Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneurship (CIIE) they want to work on their own ventures. The institute stated that around 176 students took up the “dream” applications to firms of their choice in a consequent cluster even with an offer in hand.

They were flexible and were given the choice to build a career in the area of their preference. Firms from various field participated in the three clusters in final placements and students were placed across more than 23 cohorts. In the second stage of the final placement process, firms were grouped into cohorts based on the profile offered, and groups of cohorts were invited to campus across different clusters. Firms from different sectors and geographies participated in the process. About 125 firms participated along with 150 different roles this year.

Accenture Strategy, The Boston Consulting Group and Amazon Firms which made the most offers on campus. Accenture Strategy made the maximum of 18 offers at the end of the final placement process, followed by BCG and Amazon with 14 offers each. Among global banks, HSBC and JP Morgan were the largest recruiters, having picked five students each. In the sales and marketing domain, Airtel extended the most offers eight followed by HUL with five. With 7 offers, the largest recruiter in the General Management cohort was TAS.

8 offers were extended Microsoft, the highest in the Enterprise Tech cohort. In BFSI, American Express extended the most offers -8, followed by Yes Bank and FinIQ with 6 offers each. In IT Consulting, EXL extended the maximum offers -8. IIM Ahmedabad has always encouraged students to take up entrepreneurship as a career and this year, The recruitment secretary Sandeep Murisetty at IIM Ahmedabad said, “IIMA’s placement process focuses on facilitating the best fit for students and recruiters rather than the quickest fit. This sets apart our unique cluster-cohort process from the day-system followed at other campuses.”

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