Customs And Immigration Department Caught Two Passengers at Ahmedabad Airport…


Sardar Patel International Airport of Ahmedabad has been the hub of gold smuggling for some time now. On Monday, the custom and immigration department caught smuggling more than 2 kg of from two suspected passengers from abroad at the Ahmedabad airport, has raged. The customs department has detained the two men and handed them over to Sardar Nagar police.

According to the information, the customs department of the two passengers, who had boarded a flight from abroad, were questioned on suspicion in the morning. However, the passengers while interrogation with customs did not give satisfactory answers, were also suspected of their behaviour so their luggage was checked and 2 kg gold was found being smuggled from abroad. The estimated market value is more than 65 lakh of the gold. During the investigation of the customs department found out both of these passengers indented to take this gold-by-car from Ahmedabad to Uttar Pradesh, and sell it to a local trader in UP. When the police detained both of the passengers and are in search of the jeweller shop in Uttar Pradesh whom this gold was being smuggled to.

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