Angadia Employee died in Ahmedabad in a Firing Incident.


In Ahmedabad, crime incidents have been increasing gradually for some time now. There was a firing incident in the city’s Usmanpura area for the purpose of loot. There were 5 rounds of firing on an Angadia worker who died during this incident where 4 people who came on a motorbike near Gujarat Vidyapith around Angadiya service.

They were absconding after the incident. Senior police officers have reached the spot and started an investigation.

According to the information received, Chimanlal Patel Hargovid Angadia office’s employee was the victim of this firing incident. In this incident, Arvindbhai Patel was injured and moved to a hospital for treatment. In the course of treatment, Arvindbhai died.

This incident took place when he was going to Palanpur from Ahmedabad. Arvindbhai was injured in the firing incident and was shifted to Vadilal Sarabhai Hospital, where he died there.

In the preliminary investigation by the police, it was reported that the employee was carrying jewellery worth more than lakh and other items from Ahmedabad to Palanpur when they shoot him.

After the firing, the police, forensic teams have reached the spot and have begun investigations to accelerate the accused.

This seems to be a job done by some insider only. As no one would know exactly that employee is going to take this much amount of money early this morning and on exactly this route, there is no doubt that a plan of the robbery was made by someone from the inside only.

Police have started investigating the CCTV footage of the surrounding area to speed up the investigation, and police trying to block the checkpoints at every possible way out of the city, as the accused might try to run away from the city.


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