After watching Padmavat, the Rajput Mahasabha of Punjab gave green signal to the film.

After watching the very controversial Padmavat film, Rajput Mahasabha of Punjab and Hindu organizations gave it a green signal. A premier was shown zlong with strict security in several district theaters of the state including Pathankot. Pathankot district administration had made a 30-member committee. Punjab President Devendra Darshi, Vice-Chairman Kunwar Ravindra Vicky, Youth Affairs Minister of Himachal Rajput Sabha Abhishek Thakur and Hindu Security Committee President Vicky Thakur were present in it. Most of the Rajputs in Punjab live in Pathankot, Hoshiarpur and Gurudaspur districts.

After watching the movie, Rajput Mahasabha Chairman, Devendra Darshi said, “We were in opposition against the release of the film earlier, but after watching the film we are satisfied. The film makers had to make 300 cuts due to the protest of Rajput society. Today we watched this movie and now we are feeling that there is nothing in the movie that can hurt the sentiments of Rajput community. So if the film is released then we do not have any opposition. Not only that, Rajput Mahasabha is withdrawing the protest from today. On the request of the system, 30 leaders of Rajput community have seen the film. Now we do not feel like there is any controversy in this movie.”

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