Actresses and female staff of ‘The Royals’ accused Schwah of sexual harassment!

Actresses and women employees of TV series ‘The Royals’ have accused Mark Schwah of sexual harassment. According to the sources, actresses and women employees issued a statement saying that they were constantly sexually harassed. This statement was signed by 25 actresses and women employees. It was said in the statement that this statement is the voice of women who were involved in ‘The Royals’. They want to respond to Schwah’s disgraceful behavior.

Schwah thinks he can misuse his power in such an environment and by doing so, he can have more influence on the women working under him. On Wednesday, hours after Schwahn was suspended from “The Royals,” series star Alexandra Park issued a statement about Schwahn saying, “I am devastated to accept this to myself, to my colleagues, and to this industry that I too have faced this kind of behavior.”

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