Act of humanity trolled heavily on internet

Information of Priyanka Chopra being the member of UNICEF is not hidden from the world. Recently PC posted a tweet about she being visiting the Rohingya camps in Bangladesh for the welfare of children in the concerned area but ultimately she got trolled for posting about it.

PC visited Rohingya Refugee Camps in Cox’s Bazaar in Bangladesh which is the largest refugee camp in the world because of which she had to go through a lot of hatred from her own home country.

People heavily bombarded comments to her to visit the campaigns in her own country and that she should visit the camps in Kashmir because eventually, she has to come back to her home.

Seems like people cannot support the act of humanity and cannot stop comparing the welfare even if it counts children.

She is being targeted for such lame reasons that cannot be even considered.

Priyanka Chopra clicking pictures with the children in refugee camps

This is not the first time in the last week that Priyanka was made fun of unnecessarily. Recently she got hate comments for dressing up in British style for attending the Royal Wedding.

Why can’t her incomparable act of extending help can be considered as an act of support and welfare towards betterment? Why do celebrities are always on the target for whatever they do?

Trolls claimed that it was just some publicity stunt by Priyanka, who visited the Rohingya Refugee camps for showing off and posting pictures.

Priyanka is not just one of the most powerful voices in the Hindi film industry, but without any doubt the biggest Indian star internationally. Being from a middle-class family in Jamshedpur, she has made a mark for herself across the world on the basis of her hard work, talent, and intelligence. She has a massive fan-following on all social media platforms. The last thing she needs is the publicity

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