A village where dowry is prohibited from generations!

A village like Gauradawar of Gaya is an example where people do not just feel social evils, but also prohibit them. This is an inspiration for those people of the society, whose son’s wedding do not take place without dowry. Everyone knows about this village, but being happy in their socio-economic environment, the villagers have never asked for a dowry and have not ever given money on their daughter’s weddings. It’s a specialty here. It’s been running even before independence.

When the tradition of dowry dominated in society and later its vivid form came out, at that time the ancestors of this village had decided that dowry would not be taken or will not be given. Jagdish Singh, a 70 year old, says that this tradition is coming down from many generations. Raghunandan Singh Bhokta and Vijay Singh Bhokta show that the provision of social punishment for the dowry was made by the ancestors, but till date, no one has even dared to ask or give dowry.

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