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A newborn baby was found in an auto, Mumbai boy asked for help on Twitter and then this happened!

Sunday night, a Twitter user Aman with the username @Jugadu_banda posted a tweet which said, ‘Found this 3 to 5 day year old kid in closed auto. Please help me guys. I’ve no idea what to do? #help’.  After this tweet of Aman, many people gave him the opinion that he should call thepolice. To which Aman said that the Police is not responding and condition of the baby is worsening. A user Dhruv tweeted, ‘Call police bro. If you are alone I will suggest you get someone with you. And I hope you are in a safe place and not someplace dark.’ Aman replied him by tweeting, ‘Cops are not responding. The baby is shivering.’

In reply to this, Dhruv tweeted, ‘Cops are not responding? What do you mean? Nobody is picking up call? @MumbaiPolice please look into this… This is urgent.’  Looking at this tweet, Mumbai Police immediately came into action and tweeted, ‘We have followed you. Please DM us your contact details.’ After this, the girl was handed over to a lady constable to take care of and her heath condition got improved as well. Now, the Police is arranging for a shelter home for the baby. This incident shows the true power of the Social Media!

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