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A girl got married to her own mother in Oklahoma, USA- sentenced to 10 years imprisonment

Misty Span, 26, married her 44 year old mother Patricia Span in 2014, which was revealed after 5 months by Child Welfare Investigation. They got married in March 2016 in Comanche County. Patricia has three children, all were raised by her grandmother. Earlier Patricia had married her son in 2008, who had applied to the court to cancel the marriage after 15 months. According to the court documents, he cited ‘incest’ and pleaded for cancellation of marriage.

This marriage of Patricia and her daughter has been canceled in October. The court had given this decision on Misty’s request, who accused her mother of cheating in this case. She allegedly told the court that her mother convinced her that she had taken legal advice before marrying and told her that marriage between each other is not a crime.

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