A five-year-old girl lured to the sugarcane field and raped.

Uttar Pradesh: A case has been registered for allegedly raping a five-year-old girl against a person in the Alapur area of ​​the district. Police sources said today that a woman residing in a village in Alapur police station area had filed a case in this regard. She alleged that her five-year-old daughter was playing with other children yesterday, when Sohrab, who lived in the same street, lured the child and took her along to the sugarcane field and allegedly raped her.

She further told that when the child was not seen for a long time, her brother went to find her. During this, the children playing with her sister came to know that Sohrab has led her to the farm, after which they reached there. Seeing them, Sohrab ran away threatening to kill them.

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