A baby born with heart beating out of the chest survives!

A case has come in news in England in which as soon as the baby was born, her heart was beating out of the chest. Doctors did not understand how to save the baby. The baby was born on 22 November at Glenfield Hospital in England. This child was a pre-mature baby. This delivery was not normal but was a cesarean. This rare condition, in which the child came into the world, is called ectopia cordis, where the child’s heart grows outside the chest. In such a way it is difficult to save the child. But the doctors succeeded in saving the baby.

While issuing the statement, the doctors said that 10 to 12 doctors, nurses and clinic staff were present for this operation. Doctors have made every possible effort to save the child. Cardiologist says – ‘This is the first time in the United Kingdom that the baby could be rescued. In June, the parents had come to know that the child was going to be born.’ Doctors told there was a lot of risk in giving birth. But the parents took the risk and decided to give birth to the child. 

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