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A 3-foot 4-inch model, beautiful enough to put the porcelain dolls to shame!

It is said that it is necessary to be tall to become a model. But this 3-foot 4-inch girl has surprised everyone by becoming a model. This 21-year-old model is named Dru Presta. Her photoshoot has gone rapidly viral on social media. Presta lives in Reno town of Nevada. Due to her height, she used to get a lot of taunts from people.

Born with a form of dwarfism, 3 Dru Presta says she always “stuck out like a sore thumb.” She was a victim of bullying for 15 years because of her condition, achondroplasia. But this girl, filled with lot of enthusiasm, refused to give up and thought of getting into the fashion industry and living in Los Angeles. Her video ‘Shake My Beauty’ went quite viral on YouTube. There are about three lac views on that video.

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