5-year-old girl dies getting her throat slit .

On December 31, a five-year-old innocent girl, who had returned to Surat, died as she was strangled by a kite string which cut her neck. Fatima Yunusbhai, who was living in Mandvi’s streets, was coming to Surat with her father. She was standing on the sunroof of the car, while looking at Surat city’s beauty on the fly-over, when near the gate of Udhna village the kite was strangled slittingher neck and leaving her bleeding.

Fatima was in critical condition in her car fighting for life. She was then admitted to Apple Hospital where she died during 4 days of treatment. It is worth mentioning that despite of the ban on Chinese lead and glass-strings in major cities, still kite flying hobby uses such lethal manja. Due to this powerful lethal manja, many throats are slit in every Uttarayan and again innocents are killed.

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