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200 living cockroaches found from this Chinese couple’s bag at the airport!

This shocking incident happened at an airport in China. Airport workers were surprised when they saw that there are hundreds of cockroaches in the luggage of a passenger. Seeing the cockroach, all the people present there were amazed. According to local media reports, this incident has occurred on November 25. After inspecting an elderly couple’s luggage on the airport staff, all the people were shocked after seeing the living cockroaches. Seeing them, tears started flooding out from the eyes of a woman worker present there.

When they were asked why they had so many living cockroaches in their luggage, the man said that they were part of home remedies for the condition of his wife’s skin. He told that they have to add these cockroaches to a cream and then it is applied on the skin. The man refused to elaborate on his wife’s skin condition.

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