15 injured in a bomb blast in Canada

Recently in an explosive blast in an Indian Restaurant near Toronto, Canada caused severe injury to 15 people in the restaurant. The name of the Restaurant was Bombay Bhel which is situated in a shopping complex in Mississauga, Ontario.

Peel Region police say “two suspects attended the scene,” detonated the devices and fled the scene, reported The Globe and Mail newspaper.

“Two parties fled the scene immediately after the incident. 1st described as male, 5’10-6 feet, stocky build, the mid-20s, light skin, wearing dark blue jeans, dark zip-up hoodie pulled overhead, baseball cap with light grey peak, face covered with a black cloth material,” tweeted the police.

Police say they received a call about the explosion near Hurontario St. and Eglinton Ave. just after 10:30 p.m. It was not immediately known how many people were inside the restaurant when the incident took place.

Out of 15 who got injured, 3 were traumatized and were rushed to the trauma centre nearby whereas rest 12 were taken to the hospital.

Indian Consulate in Toronto came up with the idea of helpline number for those who are in danger and are seeking help.

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