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100 year old Karu Paswan eats mud since 90 years!

Ranchi: People troubled by starvation eat anything to calm their hunger, you will have heard about it, but have you ever heard of it that someone habitually eats mud? The sentence is from the state of Jharkhand, where an elderly person has got this addiction. Although it was only due to poverty and hunger, but today it has become a habit.

Karu Paswan, a 100 year old elder who lives in Sahebganj district of Jharkhand, has now become addicted to eating mud so much that he cannot live without eating it now. Paswan says that he started eating mud at the age of 11, when he did not get food to fill the stomach due to extreme poverty. Then he used to eat mud and calm his appetite. But gradually it became his routine and now he says that without mud, he cannot be alive now. 

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